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 Firestorm, FLAME ON!!!

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PostSubject: Firestorm, FLAME ON!!!   Tue Oct 27, 2009 8:13 pm

Name: firestorm

Age: ?

Likes: Autobots, setting stuff on fire, explosives, his friends.

Dislikes: Certain decepticons, Megatron, enemies.

Info: Made out of spare parts and brought to life by the allspark fragment Soundblaster got from Swindle. Firestorm is another in the line of Human sized autobots, energetic, and always willing to make stuff explode, Firestorm had been considered one of the most dangerous no alt-mode autobots ever. Also a part of the flying Autobot initiative Firestorm enjoys taking to the skies rivaling Starscream's speed in the air. His tools include powerful UV lamps that are useful against vampires or on ice related missions, flamethrowers in his palms, and even the standard laser palm. Firestorm is always willing to get into a fight if it means getting to blow shit up.

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Firestorm, FLAME ON!!!
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