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 The Dawn of the Early Sunrise

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PostSubject: The Dawn of the Early Sunrise   The Dawn of the Early Sunrise EmptyTue Oct 20, 2009 4:03 pm

:The early sunrise...the best time of day to see how beautiful nature really was near the land's shores. 'We never had this back on Cybertron' Whiplash thought while in vehicle mode mounted up and erect behind next to a tree while not totally near the shores of the beach due to the tides. The birds singing and the air was a pleasant warm feeling with the salt smell of the sea. It would be a perfect day have it not for just mere sights of some air crafts thousands of feet above and yet you can hear fwooming noises. It made her think of Decepticons, but she knew better it probably wasn't in the first place since many humans uses aircrafts to ship all kinds of things, which was perhaps what it was anyways. Still it was better to not take any chances being seen by human or Decepticon So, she stayed in vehicle mode remaining in peace.:
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The Dawn of the Early Sunrise
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