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 DEEE JAAAEEEE(old was Bazooka)

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PostSubject: DEEE JAAAEEEE(old was Bazooka)   Mon Oct 19, 2009 12:38 am

Name: DeathJolt(call meh DJ)
Race: Cybertronian
Gender: Mech
Age: Unknown. mentally... er... 20s?
Height: Normal TF mech height
Faction: Former D-con, present Autobot.
Occupation: Guardian, distraction, gullible one.
Current location Usually with humans, but occasionally at teh A-bot base
Weapons: Simple lazer gun
Alt. Mode: Gold Kia Spectra

Created for decepticon forces, was meant to have great strength, but wasn't meant to ask questions, the perfect soldier.
But he's the exact opposite. Always curious, (but doesn't' always get the answer he's given.) and is only a normal strengthened bot.
As he liked to ask questions, he began questioning his alliance.
While going to earth with the other Decepticons, he found he liked humans. A LOT. but since the cons were going to end them,
he started looking for a way to join the Autobots.
He saw that some autobots kept watch over humans, so he escaped the cons and went randomly to a neighborhood, and scanned a car in the parking lot. He hid the original vehicle, and was 'under cover' for a while.
Turned out the eldest daughter of the family talked to in animate objects.
He thought his cover was blown, and talked back to the girl.
At first she was all liek: "AAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!" but then she got used to him. C:
They became friends, and blah blah blah.

Always was a little clueless, there's not much in that processor of his....
But he's kind, to EVERYONE. And wishes he were smaller so he could hug his friend organics...

Strength: ****
Endurance: ****
Speed: *****
Agility: *****
Intelligence: **
Sanity: *****


-if you haven't figured it out already, he loves organics, so guard your humans, he might squeeze em to death with love.

-Doesn't know much about earth, but he thinks he does.
Says "wassat?" a LOT.

-Plans to follow the human he's friends with till she's dead. (He'll probably go through lotsa alt. modes)

Picture does NOT do him justice D:<

Last edited by DJ on Tue Nov 17, 2009 9:19 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Bazooka was too mary-sue... or at least I felt like she was.)
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PostSubject: Re: DEEE JAAAEEEE(old was Bazooka)   Tue Oct 20, 2009 1:44 pm

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DEEE JAAAEEEE(old was Bazooka)
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