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 Sound meets Swindle

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PostSubject: Sound meets Swindle   Sound meets Swindle EmptySun Sep 20, 2009 7:46 am

Soundblaster had been sent to trade planet. He was considered a traitor to the decepticons just because he was a spy for the autbots. but that didn't matter. he was tired of being pushed around, he was tired of being told what to do. he needed upgrades. he had heard of a bot named Swindle who could help him. thought Swindle was a decepticon he probably wouldn't give SoundBlaster too high prices due to the fact that Soundblaster could hear a fly sneeze. meaning he could get some dirt on Swindle that Swindle wouldn't want out. Soundblaster was willing to go all out, he was going to get a new body and stop being the small one. eventually Soundblaster stopped and saw the decepticon arms dealer. Swindle.
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Sound meets Swindle
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