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 Designation: Bumblebee

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PostSubject: Designation: Bumblebee   Designation: Bumblebee EmptyMon Aug 24, 2009 3:50 am

here is an example of presentation:


Race: Cybertronian

age:2174 stellar cycles

Profession: hum... repair bot?

Current location in this universe: oh here and there, I hang all around.


Early in his career, Bumblebee dreamed of becoming a member of the Elite Guard. He joined the Autobot Boot Camp, but things didn't exactly go as planned - his drill sergeant was a jerk, most of his classmates bullied him and the only bot willing to befriend him was a complete mudflap. His luck seemed to change, however, when he accidentally overheard someone communicating with a Decepticon. He then saw fellow classmate Wasp walk out, which aroused his suspicions. After taking the advice of Longarm, Bumblebee attempted to weed out the spy.When Sentinel was conducting a surprise locker inspection, Sentinel discovered a Decepticon communicator in Wasp's trunk, ousting him as a traitor. Sentinel was prepared to put Bumblebee on an Elite Guard fast track program. Sadly, his new friendship with Bulkhead forced him to throw it all away in order to prevent his new buddy being kicked out, and they both wound up working on space bridges.

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Designation: Bumblebee
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