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 Designation: Blurr

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Age: 38 145 stelar cycles.

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PostSubject: Designation: Blurr   Designation: Blurr EmptyMon Aug 24, 2009 3:44 am


Race: Cybertronian

age:38 145

Profession:Special agent of the Cybertronian intelligence, expert Spy and member of the elite guards.

Current location in this universe: Icannotgiveyouthisinformation.


BLURR never stoped moving, since the very beginning of his days at the training camp. The poor guy was being Bullied because of his weak figure and his fast speech; despiting this, Blurr had a strong friendship with an autobot called Armswipe. Some rummors said that Armswipe betrayed his fraction by selling autobot weapons to decepticons and never after that the blue agent heard of his friend . but it didn't stopped Blurr... he moves way too fast, It's a habit he's gained over centuries of working as an undercover agent for the AUTOBOT Elite Guard. Constant mobility is the best way to avoid detection by DECEPTICON agents. He is used to remaining in vehicle mode for months or years at a time – as long as it takes to complete his mission, learn what he needs to know, and escape. Unfortunately, because he spends so much time alone, he's not really used to talking so others can understand him.
His tendacy to speak too much and speak really really fast, which kind of go on everyone's nerves...
He is clever and takes no time to solve a problem.

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Designation: Blurr
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