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 Jolt Charactersheet

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PostSubject: Jolt Charactersheet   Jolt Charactersheet EmptyMon Aug 31, 2009 2:07 pm

Name: Jolt

Alt Mode: Blue Chevy Volt (Electric Car)

Appearance: Mostly Blue, he has a crown like head, he looks like he's over-surging with electricty, and can use that in whip-like weapons from his wrists.

Bio: Jolt was an often over-looked member of the Autobot team sent to Earth in the Aurax dimension (Live Action Movie Universe) in an accident in the final battle in Egypt he was sent to the CyberConnect. He doesnt like to fight, but is more than capable as an engineer, capable of easily magnetising another transformer

Weapons: Electro-whips, Electricity

Inventory: Recharging pads, Repair Kit
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Character sheet
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Jolt Charactersheet
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