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 The Logbook of Optimus Prime - An Intrusive Search of His Quarters.

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Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime

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PostSubject: The Logbook of Optimus Prime - An Intrusive Search of His Quarters.   Mon Aug 24, 2009 8:21 pm

Entry #1123027322 -

      My research of the humans species on the planet earth has led me to more and more interesting discoveries over the years. Our Energon resources have been running low due to our consistent onslaught of Decepcticon assaults. I have ordered Hotshot and Ironhide to transport and collect Energon from Cybertron. Needless to say Sentinel Prime has been getting on my case about not returning to Cybertron myself and lead the Autobots there, but I find my presence is here on Earth. Continuing to guard the newly reformed All-spark has been a difficult task. We can't bring it to Cybertron just yet, considering that Decepticons are sure to intercept us and capture the All-spark. For now we wait. 

      Recently though, I have discovered that since we have surfaced on this world, a pack of humans decided to create small figures of my fellow Autobots, and even ones of the Decepticons. I find it alarming that I too have multiple figures that have a striking resemblance to me. It startles me how the humans are able to emulate our transforming technology and make it simple enough for small organic humans known as 'Children' to transform. I have found myself asking the United States Government to allow me a substantial fee so I may purchase these said figures, they have sent me enough money just to purchase, though I have found that there is a bartering system on the World Wide Web known as eBay; a highly addictive and competitive way to purchase items. I found myself having to register an account and expose myself as a patron of the service. Account: OP_MtrxLdrshp. My current purchase is of one figure created in 'Japan' in the early human date of 2005. Happy bidding.

- Optimus Prime | End Log . . .

- Sitting in front of a large screen, viewing the last bid on a Henkei Convoy figure from Japan, where Optimus Prime gets outbid at the last second. -

Optimus: Slag it... Another user outbid me again.
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The Logbook of Optimus Prime - An Intrusive Search of His Quarters.
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